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Save Money at the Pump!

Are you gearing up for one last, end-of-summer road trip? Not getting the fuel economy you expected from your new ride? The way you drive affects your MPGs, and a few simple changes could make a big difference. Considering these tips:

  • Avoid jack-rabbit starts. Getting the mass of your vehicle rolling uses more fuel than anything else. Rather than mashing the pedal to the floor when the light turns green, accelerate smoothly away from a stop.
  • Anticipate slowing or stopped traffic. When approaching a stop sign or red light, take your foot off of the gas and coast to a stop. There's no point in roaring up to a stop at full speed.
  • Stick to the freeway speed limit. You'll not only avoid a ticket by keeping your speed legal, but you'll save on gas as well: The faster you drive, the more fuel you burn.
  • Combine trips. Plan errands so that you drive as few miles as possible. Further, engines are more efficient when they're warm than when cold, so taking care of all of your tasks in one trip will be more economical than several short trips. If you can, select a shopping center where you can park and walk to most of the stores you need to visit.
  • Drive in "eco" mode. Many newer vehicles have a switchable economy setting that modifies the throttle response and transmission's shift schedule to maximize efficiency. If you're just running errands—and don't need enhanced power or speed—this is a great way to boost MPGs without even thinking about it.

For more great money-saving—and life-saving—driving tips, check out a hilarious online traffic school course. You're sure to get your money's worth!