Adult Involvement Can Lower Teen Driver Deaths

Driving Can Be Dangerous

Teen drivers are inexperienced behind the wheel, and they often make dangerous choices because they lack maturity and are prone to taking risks. It's no surprise, then, that traffic crashes are the leading killer of teens in the U.S. National Teen Driver Safety Week (October 19 – 25, 2014) is a perfect time to discuss solutions to this ... (read more)

Save Money at the Pump!

Are you gearing up for one last, end-of-summer road trip? Not getting the fuel economy you expected from your new ride? The way you drive affects your MPGs, and a few simple changes could make a big difference. Considering these tips:

Avoid jack-rabbit starts. Getting the mass of your vehicle rolling uses more fuel than anything else. Rather than mashing the pedal to the floor when the light turns green, accelerate smoothly away from a ... (read more)

Back-to-School Traffic Safety

With back-to-school season in swing, make sure to be extra attentive behind the wheel. Children may not pay as close attention to oncoming vehicles as they should, and they don't have the skills to properly judge traffic situations. They are dependent on motorists to stay safe, so remember to drive with extra caution:

Drive without distractions and pay attention. The use of mobile electronic devices behind the wheel can be dangerous, but any activity that takes your ... (read more)

Old Enough to Know Better?

Everyone knows by now that it's dangerous to drink and drive. But what if the substance you're intoxicated by is a medication that you need to stay healthy? (For the record, the law doesn't care why drivers are chemically impaired, or how they got that way, only that they are unable to safely operate a motor vehicle.)

Older Americans are driving more, and driving later in life, than in previous generations. In some cases, this is because they are remaining in the ... (read more)

California DMV's New Role

As of September 1st, 2011 the California DMV will be taking over the management of traffic school. During the transition, students might have a difficult time finding the information they need to remove the points from their record. Remember, it's always going to be cheaper to have the points removed as opposed to letting them affect your insurance rate and record.

If you're looking for an Traffic Violator Course provider, the California DMV provides a list to choose from ... (read more)

Don't Get Sticker Shock from Your Electric Vehicle!

You're most likely to purchase an electric vehicle because you'd like to do better by the environment than you can with an internal combustion engine. But with crude oil currently hovering near $100 a barrel again, you might just save some money by going electric as well. Of course, the value you get depends a great deal on the vehicle you choose.

A recent ... (read more)

Ring In the New Year Right!

The new year is a time for revelry and renewal—not for an arrest for driving under the influence of controlled substances (DUI). Now is the time to start considering your transportation options if you'll be going out to celebrate New Year's Eve, as even one drink can affect your judgement! After all, the penalties for DUI are getting harsher every year—and rightly so: roughly a third of motor vehicle fatalities involve an intoxicated driver, and the number is ... (read more)

Coming Soon: Eyes in the Back of Your Head?

The ubiquity of cameras has changed the way we drive. Cameras have been used to document the scenes of traffic collisions, and to take a photo of your smiling face as you cruise through a red light at certain intersections. They can also be used help you to avoid obstacles—including people!—behind your vehicle when you back up. A recent article in the Los Angeles ... (read more)

California License/ID Cards Updated

Earlier this fall, the California Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) began issuing newly designed California driver licenses and identification cards. The DMV issues over 8.25 million cards to Californians annually, and it is critical that these documents are authentic, secure, and accurate.

The look and feel of the new cards has been significantly changed from older versions, and the new designs ... (read more)

Get Your MPGs!

Who doesn't want their MPGs? Perhaps your concerns are purely economic: the price spike of gasoline a few years ago (and the anticipation of another spike in the future), the sluggish economy, or just wanting save a few bucks. You might also be worried about our nation's dependence on foreign oil or the effects your vehicle is having on the environment. The good news is that all sorts of "green" technologies are under development. Some have even been deployed. But the ... (read more)

GE Likes EVs, So Should You!

Electric vehicles (EVs) could significantly reduce our dependence on foreign oil. And they can lower the carbon emissions generated by our transportation systems—provided the electricity is generated from clean, renewable sources. But among the impediments to the widespread adoption of EVs is a "chicken-and-egg problem." EVs need to be recharged, and few consumers are going to buy them until there's an effective ... (read more)


As if all of the other hazards of driving weren't enough, a recent CNN report highlights a new phenomenon facing motorists. Range anxiety, a new phrase popular with drivers (and potential buyers) of electric vehicles, describes the distress that can be associated with the limited range of current ... (read more)

Study Illuminates Yellow-Light Running

Researchers from the University of Cincinnati, with funding from the Ohio Department of Transportation, used video cameras to monitor over 1,500 drivers at four "high-speed" intersections in suburban Ohio locations. They measured vehicle type, speed, a driver's distance from the intersection when the light turned yellow, and the decision to stop or not in what they referred to as the ... (read more)