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Back-to-School Traffic Safety

With back-to-school season in swing, make sure to be extra attentive behind the wheel. Children may not pay as close attention to oncoming vehicles as they should, and they don't have the skills to properly judge traffic situations. They are dependent on motorists to stay safe, so remember to drive with extra caution:

  • Drive without distractions and pay attention. The use of mobile electronic devices behind the wheel can be dangerous, but any activity that takes your eyes off of the road, your hands off of the wheel, or your mind off of traffic could be deadly.
  • Obey school-zone speed limits and follow the instructions of crossing guards.
  • Always stop for school buses that are loading or unloading students.
  • Do not drop off your own children where they will have to cross the street to get to their destination.
  • When driving near schools and playgrounds, or in residential neighborhoods, slow down, scan between parked cars, and cover the brake as necessary. Children may dart into the street on a bicycle or to chase a ball.

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