Get Your MPGs!

Who doesn't want their MPGs? Perhaps your concerns are purely economic: the price spike of gasoline a few years ago (and the anticipation of another spike in the future), the sluggish economy, or just wanting save a few bucks. You might also be worried about our nation's dependence on foreign oil or the effects your vehicle is having on the environment. The good news is that all sorts of "green" technologies are under development. Some have even been deployed. But the ... (read more)

Save Money at the Pump!

Are you gearing up for one last, end-of-summer road trip? Not getting the fuel economy you expected from your new ride? The way you drive affects your MPGs, and a few simple changes could make a big difference. Considering these tips:

Avoid jack-rabbit starts. Getting the mass of your vehicle rolling uses more fuel than anything else. Rather than mashing the pedal to the floor when the light turns green, accelerate smoothly away from a ... (read more)