GE Likes EVs, So Should You!

Electric vehicles (EVs) could significantly reduce our dependence on foreign oil. And they can lower the carbon emissions generated by our transportation systems—provided the electricity is generated from clean, renewable sources. But among the impediments to the widespread adoption of EVs is a "chicken-and-egg problem." EVs need to be recharged, and few consumers are going to buy them until there's an effective ... (read more)


As if all of the other hazards of driving weren't enough, a recent CNN report highlights a new phenomenon facing motorists. Range anxiety, a new phrase popular with drivers (and potential buyers) of electric vehicles, describes the distress that can be associated with the limited range of current ... (read more)

Don't Get Sticker Shock from Your Electric Vehicle!

You're most likely to purchase an electric vehicle because you'd like to do better by the environment than you can with an internal combustion engine. But with crude oil currently hovering near $100 a barrel again, you might just save some money by going electric as well. Of course, the value you get depends a great deal on the vehicle you choose.

A recent ... (read more)