Ring In the New Year Right!

The new year is a time for revelry and renewal—not for an arrest for driving under the influence of controlled substances (DUI). Now is the time to start considering your transportation options if you'll be going out to celebrate New Year's Eve, as even one drink can affect your judgement! After all, the penalties for DUI are getting harsher every year—and rightly so: roughly a third of motor vehicle fatalities involve an intoxicated driver, and the number is ... (read more)

Old Enough to Know Better?

Everyone knows by now that it's dangerous to drink and drive. But what if the substance you're intoxicated by is a medication that you need to stay healthy? (For the record, the law doesn't care why drivers are chemically impaired, or how they got that way, only that they are unable to safely operate a motor vehicle.)

Older Americans are driving more, and driving later in life, than in previous generations. In some cases, this is because they are remaining in the ... (read more)