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Old Enough to Know Better?

Everyone knows by now that it's dangerous to drink and drive. But what if the substance you're intoxicated by is a medication that you need to stay healthy? (For the record, the law doesn't care why drivers are chemically impaired, or how they got that way, only that they are unable to safely operate a motor vehicle.)

Older Americans are driving more, and driving later in life, than in previous generations. In some cases, this is because they are remaining in the work force longer and need to commute to their jobs. In other cases, they're just seeking to maintain mobility and independence as they age. But a new report from the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety notes that 90% of older drivers also use prescription medication; and two-thirds of those senior drivers take multiple medications, making them at risk for a synergistic reaction.

A Mature Driver Safety Course could be just what an older driver needs. These programs offer all sorts of effective tips to help older drivers stay safe behind the wheel, including a discussion about the effects and interactions of medication. And it's all wrapped in an entertaining and informative package, with colorful charts and illustrations, video clips, and driving-related humor that will have students laughing while they learn. Plus, it's a great way to get an automobile insurance discount—some states mandate that insurers grant a premium discount to older drivers who complete a mature driver course!

Our partner providers currently offer Mature Driver Safety Courses in Florida and New Jersey, with other states coming soon. Sign up today to start saving money and to stay safe on the road!

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